About Mercy Gate NY

If a vision can ever get old this vision is more than 30 years old.
Let me share a bit how it all came about.

In the 80's I stayed at the Wellington Hotel, close to the Carnegie Hall. I could not sleep that night so I went for a walk in the city that never sleeps.

As I went about my way the spirit of intercession seized me and I started to sob for hours. I finally fell exhausted on a pile of trash in some alley and cried giant tears.

At first I could not understand it, but yet I knew that it was not me having some unusual fit, but it was the Spirit of the Living God.

When I opened my heart and mind He clearly spoke to me, "I will bring you back to this city in the future; and you will be my instrument of mercy unto many. I will touch many lives through you and will heal many for the witness and for the glory of My name."

There was so much more, which I scribbled in my private notebook.

As a first stage toward our goal, we have signed up for book marketing. The campaign begins in August 2012. Please pray for us.   


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